Focus on Public Safety:  Public safety must be a priority, especially in light of the bad decisions coming out of Sacramento which jeopardize the welfare of our local neighborhoods. 

As your City Councilmember I will focus on:

  1. Providing more sheriff’s deputies to address the exponential growth in calls for assistance (San Clemente has among the highest calls per capita of any city in Orange County)
  2. Updating the San Clemente substation with the tools and equipment our deputies need to do their jobs
  3. Bolstering our depleted Retired Senior Volunteer Program (“RSVP”)
  4. Working with neighboring cities and public agencies to take advantage of economies of scale to share public safety resources. San Clemente has 45 sheriff’s deputies patrolling 19 square miles, while Dana Point, has 41.25 deputies for half the population, and patrols only five square miles.  And Dana Point does all this while paying over $2 million less than San Clemente on police services.  We must do better to ensure San Clemente remains one of the safest cities in the nation.