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Is the Transportation Corridor Agency–aka. the TCA/Toll Roads–maneuvering to become a permanent transportation authority similar to the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA)?

Some prominent lawyers and South Countians feel it is.

Dan Bane, an attorney representing San Clemente residents who oppose the TCA and SR-241 extension, certainly believes this is so. According to Bane, and TCA documents, some plans to expand the SR-241 would overstep the TCA’s jurisdiction by adding toll lanes to the I-5 in South County.

“The TCA appears to now be retooling itself to become a managed toll lane agency, which is far afield from its original mission of simply building out San Joaquin Hills and Foothill/Eastern Transportation Corridors, paying down the bonds and then going out of business as promised.”

Proposed extension 14, for instance, would merge onto the I-5 at Pico, with large entrance and exit ramps flying over the athletic stadiums of San Clemente High School. After merging with the I-5, the plan appears to continue by adding toll lanes to the middle of the I-5 from Pico, all the way down to the Orange/San Diego County border at Bassilone Road.

It’s important to note that Idea 10 and Idea 12 would also include expanding the I-5 by adding toll lanes. Idea 12 proposes adding a toll lane from the I-405, through the El Toro Y and all the way to the San Diego/Orange County border.

“I’m sure the TCA could find a way to build without condemning homes,” Bane said, “but if you build a toll road with in 10 or 50 feet of someone’s backyard, you’re essentially doing the same thing.”

Read the entire OC Weekly article here.

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