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If the Transportation Corridor Agency in Orange County tries to extend the 241 Toll Road south from Oso Parkway, it can count on intense opposition from residents along any of four potential routes.

San Clemente is mobilizing a fight against any path slicing through San Clemente. The City Council is already on record and has produced a video to rally the town. Residents have gathered more than 2,200 signatures and 700 comments on a petition against either of two potential routes on the table. One connects I-5 near Avenida Pico, the other near Shorecliffs Golf Course – both smack in the middle of town, requiring I-5 widenings they say would destroy the town.

San Juan Capistrano residents are voicing opposition to a route they say would carve up hills that residents have fought for decades to preserve. The route would connect to I-5 somewhere around the San Juan Creek Road exit.

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